Stalks and Roots were asked to fill Danish singer-songwriter, Mads Langer’s new music video for “All the Time, Sometimes” with flowers.

We couldn’t believe it. This was definitely one of our more exciting assignments to date!

We sent Sara Brendstrup to do the job and boy, did she deliver! Just check out that flower shower!? Who wouldn’t want to step into that installation every morning?

We couldn’t be more proud and thrilled with the result and hope you love it just as much as we do!

Scroll through the screenshots of the music video below or check out “All the Time, Sometimes” on YouTube.  

Stalks and Roots: Valentine's Day 2018

Here at Stalks and Roots we love love!

We love picturing the surprised smiles spreading across peoples faces, when they are handed a signature Stalks and Roots bouquet. And the incredible response we receive with each one is just so encouraging!  

So you can only imagine the insane energy we were filled with this Valentine's Day, arranging flowers left and right, packing and unpacking countless roses. So much fun! 

Take a look at the gallery below for a little run down of some of the signature bouquets we created for this special day. 

Love to all, 

Stalks and Roots. 


Stalks and Roots: It's Relaxation Time, Guys!

Voila! And it is done.

We think we have created a beautiful and vibrant place for you to completely escape the outside world and just: relax.

Just look at that amazing fiddle leaf fig! A perfect place to just ‘be’ – under the shade of the beautiful leaves. We could just look at it forever. Take a look at the gallery below, we hope you love it just as much as we do.


Stalks and Roots: Marienlyst Strandhotel's Spa

January 1st marked the opening of the new 'it' establishment, Marienlyst Strandhotel's Spa - Northern Europe’s largest spa to date!

Stalks and Roots were given the awesome assignment, in cooperation with Marienlyst, to create a place of total relaxation and mindfulness. And a place you can sip refreshments under a 4 meter tall fiddle leaf fig. 

As you enter the spa you'll be completely embraced by natural elements, like giant Monstera Deliciosa in recycled glass vases and wall hanging plants, resembling the calming swaying of seaweeds. Pampas grass and wall-crawling ivy reminiscent of the Northern beaches, stretching out below you just outside. We wanted the space to reflect the natural habitat surrounding it, and also make the visitors feel like they are relaxing in soft sand dunes.

Take a look at our initial ideas in the portfolio below. We cannot wait to show you the final result!