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Day to day delivery

Bike delivered flowers to you and your loved - all over Copenhagen. Visit our webshop to see our seasonal collection.

Flowers from our own field

From seed to shop - 4 months a year we harvest summer flowers every day from our own field just north of Copenhagen, in Hørsholm, and sell them in our shop.


We are constantly pushing the barrier higher, when it comes to sustainability. This includes the reduction of transport emissions, promoting the use of recycled materials and minimize our use of plastics.

The Stalks and Roots vision

Through a conscious selection of flowers from all over the world and our own homegrown fields, we strive to bring only the best flowers to the people

Stalks and Roots

A flower shop situated in the center of Copenhagen - order your flowers here on the site or visit us in our shop. Click below to learn more about us.

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For companies


We offer a broad range of services for companies. Order weekly flowers for the office, potted plants, birthday- and "new employee" flowers.


Fashion week, Design Week, summer parties, fairs and concerts - you name it we've got it, whether you need a subtle solution or eye catching extravagance.

I have bought both my flowers and plants from Stalks and Roots for years. Whether I've needed plants and pots for an interior project or just a beautiful bouquet for my home, Stalks and Roots has never failed to impress

— Nina Færch


Drop by our shop to see our broad selection of cut flowers.